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The Working Lands Innovation Center (WLIC) is unified by measuring the carbon storage potential of soil amendments. We are currently deploying ~100 acres of soil amendments, spanning Coastal CA, the Central Valley, and Imperial Valley. We are monitoring carbon sequestration rates (inorganic and organic carbon), greenhouse gas reductions (CO2, N2O, CH4), soil health indicators, crop yields and forage biomass, crop nutrition, and nutrient and water use efficiency. We are also evaluating the economics behind the amendments and adapting the CA Land model to estimate full scale-up potential for carbon capture through 2050. Within this context, WLIC has several different on-going research threads including soil amendment demonstrations in croplands, large scale (Eddy covariance) measurements of emissions in Concord, continuous gas measurements in rangelands, modeling efforts to scale up results, and commercialization assessments of soil amendment technologies.

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