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  • Maya Almaraz

WLIC at the American Geophysical Union's annual meeting

Check out the latest WLIC research at this years AGU annual meeting in the following sessions:

-Dr. Benjamin Houlton is co-organizing a session titled "Enhanced Weathering with Agriculture and Forestry As a Carbon Dioxide Removal Strategy: Progress, Challenges, and Uncertainties" (B0003)

-Dr. Maya Almaraz is presenting a poster titled "Large scale field demonstrations to test the carbon sequestration potential of enhanced weathering in working lands"

-Dr. Andrew R Jones is presenting a poster titled "Exploring the potential of soil amendments for climate change mitigation strategies and soil health in Californian rangelands"

-Iris Holzer is presenting a poster titled "CO2 Sequestration and Ion Transport from Enhanced Rock Weathering at a Northern California Cropland Site"

-Tommy Fenster is presenting a poster titled "The Effects of Compost Application on Grazed Grasslands’ Greenhouse Gas Budget, Water Budget and Net Primary Productivity"

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